‘It tried to pull me down with it into the sea, and I saw the huge jaws of a shark and a sharp fin beside me. I swam into this, and by the time I saw the shark it was too late. She blames the Egyptian authorities for failing to warn tourists about the dangers lurking in the beautiful Red Sea. ‘ The surgeons have tidied up the left arm which was bitten off by the shark. Inside the hole you can see the base of her spinal cord. Above the restaurants are the rooftop nightclubs, with neon signs flashing ‘Welcome’ and ‘Happy Xmas’ in English and Russian. After her mother talked weakly from her hospital bed, her body swathed in white bandages, Elena gave a graphic and terrifying description of the injuries caused by the shark. Olga had become another victim of the extraordinary spate of shark attacks at one of the world’s favourite resorts, Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh, where 1,000 kinds of exotic fish swim through 150 types of spectacular corals russian girls in sharm for. As Dr Burgess says himself as he searches for the trigger that turned the Red Sea’s sharks into human killers: ‘The sea is a wilderness, just like a jungle. The last one involved the death of a young French woman called Katherine in June last year when she was attacked while snorkelling elsewhere in the Red Sea. When she came up again, the shark let go and she shouted “Spasite. Today, only the brave or the foolish dare put their toes into the sparkling water. We have no control over the content of these pages.

The bay she was in was called, with dreadful irony, Shark’s Bay. Children and women, they all splash there. They went hunting for the culprits and came back with two supposed ‘man eaters’ (both of which were found to contain no human remains) which they displayed to the world’s media, declaring the problem to be over. This week, another Russian victim, marine captain Yevgeniy Trishkin, 54, returned home to Moscow with his left arm missing above the elbow and his other hand mauled after a shark attacked him while he swam near Naama Bay. Lucca, who runs a busy tourist shop at Naama Bay, told me everyone is worried about the future: ‘no one wants to talk about it. She is being treated in Cairo’s nasser Institute Hospital, where she was flown from the Red Sea with her daughter, 21-year-old Elena, by her side. Yesterday, they announced that a few beaches, far from the scenes of the recent attacks, would reopen. They did not have nets around the bathing and snorkelling beaches, and now I think they should put them up. The white tip shark chasing her through the water had taken a chunk of the top of her left thigh and buttock russian girls in sharm for. The Egyptian authorities were forced to call in George Burgess, the Mr Big of the shark world, from Florida, where shark feeding is strictly prohibited. ‘I was attacked on the third day of my holiday. I told her we should go back to Moscow to a hospital there. ‘It bit, and started chewing my left arm.

Astonishingly, though hotels tell tourists that bathing is banned, there were people braving the water’s edge. What remained of her left arm has been surgically amputated, and she has received emergency plastic surgery on her thigh and buttock. ‘It is not a matter of if it happens, but when,’ he said..
. A local conservation expert said that there were ‘only’ one or two shark attacks in the Red Sea area annually. We are told by our bosses to say the beaches and seas will be back to normal soon, and the attacks were by freak sharks who came swimming from Australia. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking news. All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties. ‘At first I thought it was a dolphin, but then I felt a sharp pain as it came up, sank its teeth into my arm and began to wag me around,’ she recounted yesterday from a hospital bed in Cairo. Olga’s outstretched left hand touched something solid with a rough skin as it dived underneath her. The attacks have turned a once idyllic spot — the holiday destination of thousands upon thousands of Britons each year — into a terrifying place where the sea is now out of bounds. Immediately after the attack, swimming, snorkelling and diving - except for extremely experienced divers - were banned by the Egyptian authorities over the entire 30 miles of the coastline while Dr Burgess prepares his report. We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links. .


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